Vancouver and Los Angeles Investors to Offer C$2M Investment Prize Pool to Blockchain Companies

Vancouver-headquartered Victory Square Technologies Inc., a company that incubates and invests in game-changing entrepreneuers, and the Los Angeles-based Blockchain Investors Consortium, which has 120 members with over US$5 billion in digital assets, are partnering to offer a C$2 million investment prize pool for the top three blockchain technology companies at each of the highly-touted d10e conferences held in the coming year. Up-and-coming blockchain companies pitching at d10e conferences held in 2018 in Seoul (South Korea), Tel Aviv (Israel), Silicon Valley (USA), Bodrum (Turkey), Malta, Astana (Kazakhstan), and Vilnius (Lithuania) will be eligible for the unique prizing opportunities. D10e has hosted the preeminent decentralization conference series around the world with over 13 events since 2014. Past d10e presenters have collectively raised over C$750 million through token sales and include some of the largest brands in blockchain.

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